Here’s What You Can Expect



Jeff Bland • Mark Burhenne • Steve Gundry • Tom O’Bryan • Robert Rountree • Ari Whitten

What is true health and Vitality outside of the “sickcare” model where we play “whack-a-mole” with diseases and symptoms as things continue to break. How can we enhance health and healthy lifespan in a new model and way of thinking that’s Vitalistic?


Food and Nutrition

Nicole Beurkens • Katie Kimball • Kristin Kirkpatrick • Serena Poon • Ocean Robbins • Marvin Singh • Steven Wright

How can we make food nourishing and fun again? How can we avoid poisoning ourselves and make good healthy food a part of our daily “healthcare” and routines? It’s all about healing the gut lining, bringing down inflammation, and nourishing our cells.


The Exercise Dilemma​

Aaron Alexander • Dave Asprey • Ben Greenfield • Drew Manning • Ben Pakulski • Kim Strother
Mother Theresa said she wouldn’t go to an anti-war rally but please invite her to a pro-peace one. How can we move away from the “not fat” mindset to the “more fit” one? How can we build more muscle mass and learn to feed it in a healthy way to increase energy efficiency and longevity. Let’s get right with movement.



Michael Breus • Anna Cabeca • David Perlmutter • Shawn Stevenson

How can we go down for a powerful healing and restorative sleep session and wake up feeling full of energy and enthusiasm? How do we fix our sleep so our immunity and detox systems get more support? How can we learn to relax and settle into deep sleep that restores our Vitality?



Alex Howard • Dr. Melissa Nau • Dr. Dave Rabin • Elliot Roe • Noah Rolland • Deborah Rozman

Stress is killing us. Time is compressed and we’re running thin on patience. We’re wired and tired and feel the walls caving in. That’s a problem since the body needs to “feel safe” in order to heal and recover. Let’s learn how to shift our mindset to offset stress and lengthen our “fuse” with more resilience.


A Safe Home

Ryan Blaser • Dr. Margaret Christensen • Austin Perlmutter • Warren Phillips • Nicolas Pineault • Ryan Sternagel
What’s already made it over the castle walls is killing us. We need to look at the toxins in our houses and bedrooms that are poisoning us and making our bodies feel like they’re under attack. From odors to routers, from bed sheets to toothpaste, let’s see what we need to clean up in our immediate environment…stuff that’s impacting our Vitality.


The Energy of Life

Jill Carnahan • Dr. Catherine Clinton • Tom Malterre • William Pawluk • Ryan Smith • Scott Stoll • Max Lugavere
Life wants to grow. It wants to expand and thrive. We see this in the microscopic signaling of our mitochondria all the way to macro trends in society. How do we live Vitalistically and get on the right side of this? How do we stack the odds in our favor and learn to truly thrive in the modern world?